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Gold Coast Theme Parks

Gold Coast Theme Parks

Gold Coast Theme Parks might become tedious, but not Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

If you feel you’ve been tossed, jolted and doused enough during your holidays, then consider the family-friendly option to other Gold Coast Theme Parks. Generations of families come here to interact with native Australian fauna in a peaceful sub-tropical setting, not far from beautiful Currumbin beach.

You can experience ‘Yanguwah’ – an opportunity to be immersed in an engaging evening of Indigenous Australian entertainment and native wildlife. There’s a traditional welcome ceremony, the Kup Murri feast and colourful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander song and dance performances. Let’s not forget the opportunity to hold a koala or baby saltwater crocodile!

Which brings us to what Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for; native fauna. The white-knuckle experience of other Gold Coast Theme Parks is a little ho hum for our residents who like their peaceful life at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Our visitors from near and far tell us viewing the meaningful conservation work done by the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation and their own special interaction with the Australian fauna  was unforgettable. Our vets work tirelessly for the cause of threatened species, like the Tasmanian Devil. Our friends in the reptile family are an important part of the bigger picture in our ecology and worth looking after – even if they aren’t our most handsome stars!

If you find some of our residents a bit sleepy during the day, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary also invites you to join in one of our silent segway safaris. Perhaps you’d like to take “The Green Challenge” – which is 65 challenges altogether, spread over four separate courses. It’s the newest nature-based adventure at any of the Gold Coast Theme Parks. You’re sure to enjoy the spectacular and natural setting as you weave your way higher in through the rainforest and eucalypt canopy!

Gold Coast Theme Parks
Fun at Gold Coast Theme Parks

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