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Herb Gardens

Herb Gardens –  from Garden Kit.

I was in Sydney staying in a hotel last week, and out of a huge expanse of grey concrete, this one balcony exploded in front of my eyes,  there was colour everywhere.  What was it?  Herb gardens.

Yes, growing high up on someone’s apartment balcony in brightly coloured red pots lining the handrails was a large selection of herbs growing away happily.  When it came time to support the latest article on Garden Kits site, this immediately popped into my mind.

herb gardensI would not entertain a herb garden, I am flat out mowing my lawns, but my life is very different to the target market that Garden Kit is after.  They want to find those living in smaller spaces, probably without yards and who need to bring some nature and life into a balcony space that is otherwise devoid of greenery or flowers or the scent of herbs in the evening.

Herb Gardens are easy to grow with the right balcony garden kit from Garden Kit.  It is pretty much find the site, shop online, kit delivered to you and plug it into your balcony or garden space and away you go.

There are so many different herb gardens that you can grow.  You can mix and match to suit your tastes, the time of year, the aroma you prefer and much much more.  Simply choose your preferences, choose the pot types and away you go.

So, if you live in an apartment like that one I saw in Sydney, then the simple way to be not only the standout balcony in your building, but a pleasant, natural and aromatic haven in an otherwise sea of concrete and noise is easy to achieve with Herb gardens, all in a box delivered by Garden Kit.