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New Business Owners Get The Real Information on Google Adwords Success

A lovely day at Broadbeach yesterday talking all about internet marketing and how to be in charge, under control and make good decisions.  A bunch of brand new people entering a new business and a 2 day seminar with lots of speakers to help them get their grounding and the right direction to launch!

I had a two hour slot on Adwords in the afternoon of the second day.  No sales in this, but a real information and education session including the magic algorithm that allows you to be successful on Google Adwords, regardless of what you do.  It’s true!  Over the past 12 years of running Adwords accounts all over the planet, there is a simple rule that will ensure you are successful, regardless of cost per click, regardless of your impression share or quality score, and it all comes back to the Website Essentials.

When all our your various providers, services and abilities work together online to support you and your business, then, this equation will deliver.

To all those entering the brand new business world, I wish you luck and success and it was a great crowd and a great afternoon at Crowne Plaza on the Gold Coast.  Next one in July 2016

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