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Internet Marketer

Internet Marketer

Job Description – Internet Marketer, but what does it mean?

There is much about in the media at present regarding all things retail, wholesale and services. Discussions about physical retail store in dire straights, extended business hours, the GST online for overseas purchases and the trend away from shoppers shopping at shops?

Online V Offline has been around for quite a few years.  In Australia, the smart business owners were embracing the fledgling online market back in the late 1990’s and they came to lead the market in the early 2000’s.  I remember fondly that there were 4 Google Professionals listed in Australia when I started down the path of an Internet Marketer.

Internet Marketer, now there is a very confusing job description.  In the context of Online Marketing, its an apt description, but its a description that requires further expansion.

There are many types of internet marketer and they all get lumped in together under the one umbrella.  There is pay per click managers, there are search engine optimisers, there are website designers, on page conversion strategists, analytics consultants, design advisors and graphic artists.  Then there are traditional marketing agencies, advertising agencies, PR consultants, social media consultants, media buyers and the list just goes on and on and on.

Internet Marketer involves them all, to some degree, and all can wear the badge, but, truely, what is an internet marketer.  I was reading a blog today from Foxy, an old mate who used to work at Google Australia when I had Hot Goanna, and he has become an internet entrepreneur, and an internet marketer.  He creates shoes in China and sells them online in Australia and overseas.  You design the shoe you want online, and some nice Chinese worker pumps them out.

Internet Marketing is the driver of the business, but the business has a massive physical back end that delivers the goods.  Another mate has grown a huge wig business, on basically the same model, by becoming an internet marketer.

internet marketerTo me, the description of Internet Marketer is not about the individual disciplines.  Its about putting them all together as part of a business approach to online V offline and ticking all the boxes so that the outcome of the web “presence” drives the business service to success.  I don’t believe you can classify yourself or your company as an internet marketer, unless you embrace all the disciplines and work with them as a collective to achieve an Online V Offline business.  And, don’t forget, there are very few true online businesses, as the vast majority rely on a physical business location, manufacturer, post, drop ship or retail / wholesale business to deliver the goods, from successful Internet Marketing, on a site, by an internet Marketer.

So, perhaps “Internet Marketer” = Offline Business succeeding Online.  Interesting…